by David Komary

The panoramic city views of Chicago are disillusioned by manipulation, an intervention of generating quality: reading from left to right, which is more like heterogeneously stringing pictures as if in a movie, instead of perceiving the content of each individual one, we see pictures in all forms of photography, from black and white, to coloured and colour negative.

One picture has many faces, a seemingly objective reproduction has been removed of its connotative and representative function, the transitions between individual modules have been blurred and camouflaged - the cuts are no longer clearly defined. The panorama has been deprived of its quality of focusing the eye, there is no reference to the outside reality in the physical sense, but reference only to the medial/ the medialised or rather the reality of the medial/ the medialised.

In: EIKON, European Month of Photography, Paris - Vienna - Berlin, November 2004, pp. 160-161