Public Art Project: Intervention at the Kubus Export, Vienna
Architecture: Valie Export, Vienna
Curator: Norbert Pfaffenbichler/ KOER Vienna
Date: 09.12. - 09.20.2006 (postponed due to vandalism)

A continuous line of light dispersing points runs around the glass cube in grasp height. They form a quotation by the blind mathematician Nicholas Saunderson (1682-1739) who worked on basic shapes in geometry such as the cube and on the nature of light. To be able to calculate their properties, he developed a precursor of Braille that represented numbers and figures in a system of palpable points.

TIME, MATTER, SPACE - ALL, IT MAY BE, ARE NO MORE THAN A POINT  (Nicholas Saunderson after Denis Diderot, 1749)

Scanning the transparent cube, our gaze experiences an interruption by the inserted rhythm of information points. While blind to their meaning when seeing them, we can still sense their grasp on the world - the BLIND CUBE as a structure of sensuous signs that ultimately resist translation.

Katarina Matiasek, 2006