SONIC ZOOM. A Video Screening
The current circulation of comprehensive digital techniques in processing both sounds and images also marks an important point in the mutual relationship between the moving image and its dubbing. Presenting themselves now as numerically accessible objects to the user, images and sounds turn into surfaces of interaction that can be defined by their properties within a given data space. Primarily in suggesting an easy manipulation do they turn into replaceable objects, irrelevant to their origin in different and independent media categories. The possible transfer of digital properties across the borders of differing media channels by processing images and sounds in compatible software programmes results in entirely new possibilities for reciprocal influences, mutations and triggerings - those also informing a renewed artistic interest in analogue translation modes between sound and image.

The screening and artists' roundtable SONIC ZOOM focusses on filmbased works that inquire into the mutual and equal manipulative possibilities of their image and sound elements, and hence ask for new forms of narration beyond a mere illustration process.

Katarina Matiasek, 2005
photo © David Komary/ dreizehnzwei Vienna
videostills © Christoph Brech, Michel Kloefkorn/ Oliver Husain, Christian Mahler/ Sebastian Purfuerst, Anu Pennanen, Walter Rafelsberger, Scanner