MYKAI Vienna
Public Art Project: Commission for an Asian Restaurant, Vienna
Architecture: moment-home architects, Vienna
Realisation: 2009

For a street level space in Vienna's inner city, newly converted to house a modern style Asian restaurant, I developed a photographic panorama that impacts the clearly set architecture towards a filmic landscape.

The classic photographic 'all-over view' (pan horama) technically corresponds to the trace of the registering lens moving over the film material. When this continuity is disrupted, e.g. by a faulty film transport, the panoramic view no longer ensures enduring spatial circumstances. The overlapping layers of exposure in a landscape here actuate the viewer's gaze to a multiple take, akin to watching passersby through the window front. Contrasting the urban setting, the quiescent air of the wood theme reflects the natural origin of both building materials and culinary ingredients.

Katarina Matiasek, 2009
photos © Astrid Bartl/ AZW Architekturzentrum Vienna